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FREE CAVITY WALL INSULATION and LOFT INSULATION GRANTS (not means tested) are available in Newport, Cwmbran, Pontypool,Ebbw Vale - and in fact throughout Gwent.

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This money saving tip could save you £100's

If you are about to change your boiler, check your loft insulation and cavity wall insulation first!!

Grants for Loft Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation will be reduced by up to 25%, by changing your boiler first.

The amount of Grant you will get towards the cost of Loft or Cavity Wall Insulation (which is not means tested, nor benefit dependent), will be decided by the amount of Carbon Emissions that would be saved by getting your loft and/or cavity wall insulated.

When you change your old boiler for a new and more energy efficient boiler, you will generate less Carbon Emissions and so there will be less Cardon Emissions to save, and a lower Grant available as a result of this.

So have a free Home Insulation Assessment first, and change your boiler after - it could save you hundreds of pounds!


The Green Deal no longer exists!

The Green Deal was a finance mechanism, where energy efficiency improvemnents could be made to your home, through a loan, which was then repaid through your electricity bill - together with interest.

The plan was that Gas & Electricity companies, "Do it Yourself" companies and the such, would put money into the "Green Deal Finance Company" - but it didn't happen, and the Coalition Government funded it - that is you and me.

When the Conservatives came to power (without the Lib Dems), they decided that they would not invest anymore money into the scheme. So, The Green Deal still exists in theory, but is unable to operate - and probably never will.


So where does that leave us?

Well there is ECO (the Energy Company Obligation), and that is set to run for another couple of years (we will see).

ECO is basically the Insulation Grant scheme, and is available for Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation. These Grants are not means tested, and so everyone qualifies for such a Grant (non repayable), but the energy efficiency of the property will decide the size of the Grant. The lower the energy efficiency the bigger the Grant.

In more than 90% of cases, Cavity Wall Insulation will be free, but the Grants are only available for properties built before 1983. The other 10% will have to make a small contribution.

Loft Insulation is a little more complicated. In the case of Cavity Wall Insulation, it has either been done or not been done, but with Loft Insulation there could be any level of existing insulation - from none whatsoever right up to 300mm (12 inches) - the deeper the existing loft insulation the smaller the Grant.

If there is no insulation in the loft then the Grant would fully cover the cost of the loft being insulated to 270mm, but for every 1mm of existing insulation the Grant would reduce.

At 100mm of existing loft insulation the Grant would be nil, although this could happen at as little as 75mm depending on the property's type, age etc..

So Free Cavity Wall Insulation and Free Loft Insulation are available in Newport and throughout Gwent - you just need to find out whether your property qualifies.

And that's about it.

You will find out more about Cavity Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation on the appropriate page of this site.

There is also a page for External Wall Insulation.

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